Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Railway-TIM agreement to enhance the internet by train

The Italian State Railways Group, through its subsidiary RFI-RETE Italian Railway, has signed an agreement with the TIM group. The partnership provides for the enhancement of the 4G mobile coverage systems of the galleries along the Italian high speed lines, From Turin to Naples and from Bologna to Venice.

The enhancement will also concern the coverage of other TLC operators including Windtre. Furthermore, as part of the initiatives related to the PNRR relating to the possible use of 5G technologies. The goal is to create an increasingly reliable connectivity on board high -speed trains.

Promised a stable connection

The planned interventions will allow passengers to use of a stable and high quality connection even in the most unfavorable areas such as the railway galleries. Both through the WiFi on -board train service and through the direct coverage of the TLC operators participating in the project.

Already starting from 2022, the work of strengthening the plants in the galleries will be started, On the high speed sections between Turin, Milan, Bologna and Florence. To then continue during 2023, from Florence to Naples and from Bologna to Venice. The project includes An investment of around 12 million euros, Shared between RFI and adhering TLC operators.

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