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Asus at Ces 2020 with the new range of innovative products

On the occasion of CES 2020, Asus presented the new range of lifestyle, business and gaming products in Las Vegas: notebook, mothers cards, desktop pc, monitor, routers and devices for AIOT applications.

Asus at Ces 2020

The products of the new range

Asus presented the new range of lifestyle, business and gaming products in Las Vegas.

Among the notebooks presented, Chromebook Flip C436, the new VivoBook S series (S333/S433/S533) and Expertbook B9450. The ultra -transactile Chromebook Flip C436 offers high performance and connectivity in mode, with Intel Core i7 processor up to the tenth generation, up to 16 GB of RAM, a fast NVME SSD and L ’ last WiFi network standard 6.

Asus also presented the Prime Trx40-Pro motherboard, designed for Content Creator, designers and professionals.

Other Esposi products, the Notebook Proart Studiobook and the Mini PC Proart Station; the TUF A15 and A17 laptops; the Zenscreen MB16ACE portable monitor; Proart PA248QV and PA278QV monitors; the TUF VG27AQL1A GAMING monitor; The Zenwifi Voice, Zenwifi Ax (XT8), Zenwifi AC (CT8), RT-AX89X and RT-Ax86u; and devices for AIOT applications, including single-board tinker Edge T and Tinker Edge R computers and the Mini PC PN61T.

The new notebooks

The Chromebook Flip C436 integrates an Intel Core i7 processor up to the tenth generation, up to 16 GB of RAM, a fast NVME SSD and WiFi 6 network features at avant -garde for a stable connectivity also on the move on the move.

This device also presents a wide range of premium features, such as a fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button, an omnidirectional audio design with four speakers for a high quality sound in any situation, Stylus support use for universal pen input and numerous other peripheral options.

The new series of Notebook Vivobook S (S333/S433/S533) skillfully blends character and performance with finishes of a variety of bright colors and a captivating Enter key with color blocking edges, Intel Core i7 processor up to the tenth generation, WiFi 6 network standards, Nvidia dedicated graphic card and a renewed chassis available in 13, 14 and 15 inches.

Expertbook B9450 is a notebook designed to meet the high needs of professionals who work on the move. Designed for business use, this 14 -inch notebook is the lightest in the world, because it weighs only 870 grams with a reduced thickness of only 14.8 mm. Despite its highly handy design, Expertbook B9450 is equipped with a powerful battery that offers up to 24 hours of use with a single charge.

The complete range of Notebook Proart Studiobook and Mini PC Proart Station uses the features of the Nvidia Picture and GeForce RTX GPUs, including Ray Tracing in real time and acceleration AI, satisfying the needs of content creators as well as the severe requirements of the Nvidia RTX Studio program. 17/15 and Proart Station D940mx, with both GPU options Nvidia Picture and GeForce, available are part of this innovative range.

Gaming notebooks

Asus 2

The 15 -inch A15 TUF Gaming and 17 -inch A17 TUF Gaming offer unprecedented game experiences with powerful AMD Ryzen Mobile CPUs up to the fourth generation and dedicated graphic card up to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060. These powerful GPUs based on Nvidia Turing manage incredibly fast frames and support display with refresh rate up to 144 Hz, using AMD Freesync technology.

The mothers cards

Asus Prime Trx40-Pro is an ATX motherboard designed to take advantage of all the potential of the new third generation AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors, particularly suitable for Content Creator, Designer and Professionals.

With a 16 power phases, advanced temperature and cooling management, Next-Gen connectivity with three PCIe slots 4.0 m.2, Intel Gigabit Ethernet and the possibility of intelligent tuning, first Trx40-Pro is a high-end motherboard motherboard that guarantees advanced performance and incredible stability to transform any creative project in reality.


Zenscreen MB16ACE is a 15 portable monitor.6 Full HD inches that allows you to effectively expand your work space. Thanks to ultra -thin frames, a thickness of just 8mm and a weight of 0.7kg allows you to be transported easily everywhere, in maximum convenience.

The Proart PA248QV and PA278QV monitors are designed to meet the needs of professionals such as photographers, video editors and graphics.

TUF Gaming VG27AQL1A uses a wider stand than classic gaming monitor, thus offering greater stability. The ultra -thin edges help to focus on what happens on the screen and the VESA DSIPlayhdr400 certification guarantees an exceptional image quality.


Zenwifi Voice is an AC1300 Dual-Band Mesh router that integrates Amazon Alexa technology, making it the ideal reference for the Smart Home.

Aimesh technology allows you to use the device as an autonomous router, as part of a larger mesh network or as a repeater to extend the signal of any wireless router. Zenwifi Voice offers a fluid wireless connection, as well as providing access to Alexa by Amazon.

Asus 3

Tinker Edge T and Tinker Edge R are small and powerful single -card computers (SBC) with neural processing units (NPU) performing machines learning (ML) efficiently from an energy point of view.

NPUs are optimized for the management of neural networks and bring artificial intelligence from a cloud to a local device. Tinker Edge T and Tinker Edge R are directed for IA, scalable for expansion and make-friendly expansion.

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