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Logitech Scube, the intelligent video camera

Logitech presents Scube, an ’ innovative camera with integrated artificial intelligence that improves the experience of participation in remote interactive sessions. Compatible with the main platforms such as Microsoft Teams And Zoom, It transmits the contents of the blackboard during video meetings with incredible clarity. Virtually transporting everyone to the same room.

Logitech Scube, the intelligent video camera

From the meeting rooms to the classrooms, Logitech Scube arrives in a crucial moment in which the work spaces and the hybrid educational environments are increasingly widespread. Logitech Scube makes brainstorming, teaching and team meetings equally accessible and productive for all participants thanks to its simple design e user friendly. Improving the collaboration between the members of a team that collaborate at a distance giving A perfect vision of the blackboard.

The optimized integration with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms makes the very intuitive experience. Participants in presence can Share the blackboard easily and quickly During video meetings. This is simply by pressing the wireless button included with scribe or by touching the Touch controller of the meeting room, such as Logitech Tap. To date, The wireless button works with Zooms Rooms, While Support for Teams Rooms will arrive during this year.

Scube also works as any USB video camera compatible practically with any videoconference application. This allows you to use scribe flexible in the meeting rooms as in the classrooms.

Virtual meetings with clear vision

By capturing the image of surfaces of up to six meters for four, Logitech Scube is A camera for blackboard that offers participants in virtual meetings a clear and real time vision. Integrated artificial intelligence in scribe makes The transparent presenter, so that the participatory participated remotely can see the blackboard without any obstacle. Scribe also automatically improves the color of markers so that the content is easier to read.

Scube is also able to detect other types of non-digital content, such as post-it. That you are connected from a laptop to your own home or with the display of the meeting room, It ensures that everyone has the best view.

LogitechClean and cable -free design

Thanks to a clean and elegant design, with the possibility of wall mounting, and intelligent cable management, Scribe adapts any office or classroom. In addition, it is equipped with everything you need to quickly put it into operation. Together with the camera for content on blackboard, it includes a wireless sharing button, assembly components, power cables, and large -scale category cables

Thanks to Scube, Logitech continues to create tools for collaboration that make it easier the interaction of people in a digital world. In a more natural and significant way.

Price and availability

Logitech Scube is now available in selected markets at a price starting from 1.299 euros. It is currently compatible with Teams Rooms on Windows and Zoom Rooms and after the launch also with Zoom Rooms Appliances. Compatible with almost all videoconference platforms, It also works with Stand-Alone USB cameras when connected to a computer or laptop.

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