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Today the Wimbledon tournament began. Thanks to IBM …

Today the Wimbledon tournament should have started. And for those who, like me, are lucky enough to be there every year to breathe tennis in the oldest tournament of this sport, it is a blow to the heart to see those fields closed for Covid. However, the organization has married the technology to keep the two weeks on the two weeks on the grass.

And he did it with a parrierrship with IBM who, gather, has now begun as a text for the future. Let’s see how.

Wimbledon Hitech thanks to IBM

L ’ innovative agreement

Due to global pandemic, the now long collaboration between IBM and the All England Lawn Tennis and Croustic Club has turned into a new model. By creating a digital simulation of the championships in just eight weeks. This includes ’ improved digital experience for fans who can explore unique content around “ The Greatest Championships ”.

And customize the way they look at iconic matches.

The experience was born from the understanding of IBM sports industry;. Thanks to its digital transformation skills, data platforms, cloud and artificial intelligence, skills already used by different world brands related to sport. The ALTC has now decided to invest in the skills of the tech company in commercial and technological consultancy, in the digital supply and in the IBM Cloud and AI.

In order to provide the fundamental elements of the digital spine of the championships.

Ideas for a modern audience

To continue to remain avant -garde in world sport, the organizers of Wimbledon I want to increase the overall size of the public and attract a higher percentage in the digital properties of ownership. Exploiting its research skills (IBM invests 6 billion dollars every year in the R sector&S), his experience in the sector and technological solutions (for example the intelligent Watson supercomputer)). And the tournament now enjoys a dedicated workstream, made up of experts of both sides.

This hybrid model brings several advantages:

  • It effectively brings home innovation to home With an approach “ One Team ” using the collective skills of the sector of both sides
  • A continuous flow of innovations which will give a dedicated focus all the year.
  • A single integrated delivery team which ensures the continuous progression of the digital transformation of Wimbledon. By integrating new innovations safely, flexible and scalable thanks to the skills of IBM Cloud, data and IA.

Wimbledon 2020

The ongoing test

The cancellation of the Championship 2020 provided the opportunity to test the new partnership model. In a very short time, the combined team has transformed an ’ technically demanding digital experience. Able to satisfy the premium quality levels required by a club whose declared mission is to be the best tennis tournament in the world.

D ’ moreover, according to a recent YouGov survey made on a champion of 2000 British adults, Wimbledon is the second most viewed sporting event live in the United Kingdom with 60% of spectators live. Just behind the Olympics (62%) and just before the FIFA World Cup (59%). And therefore this summer, although Wimbledon has been canceled as a live event, the Aeltc still wanted to give these fans of the championships something to celebrate.

L ’ digital event

By recreating a live event in digital form, the fans will have the opportunity to revisit old games or discover new ones that perhaps they had never seen before. “ The Greatest Championships ” It will be an ’ digital experience engaging for fans who do not know the sport they love. And will come to life in this way:

  • A Round-BY-Round compilation of some of the largest Wimbledon matches, to involve fans and stimulate the debate.
  • An ’ digital experience to add value to the fans Beyond the video on demand, providing salient moments, interviews, statistics and support stories.
  • The remastering of great volumes of old video content To improve quality and meet modern expectations on multiple platforms.
  • More wealth of data, including modern matches on matches, and advanced research capacity to allow fans to look for specific moments in the films of the archive, including individual types of recovery and moments of maximum emotion.

The future of sport

IBM and Aeltc have put together an agreement that could be the future for sports technological partnerships. Even before Covid-19 hit, plans were underway to exploit the new investment model. In “ new normal ”, the potential opportunities have only increased.

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