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10 tips to follow to improve the safety of their mobile devices

According to the Cybersecurity Report 2020 of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, almost 30% of companies suffer from IT attacks generated by the impairment of mobile devices security. Here are 10 tips to avoid any potential violation of your data.

The 10 mobile data security tips

Request the authentication of the user

It is important to establish measures such as the screen lock via password or integrated biometric authentication. This limits unauthorized access and constitutes a first barrier that maintains the information on the mobile phone protected.

Encrypt data

Data encryption is a fundamental solution to protect both the information stored on the devices and the information that is sent. Without the decoding key, unauthorized users cannot access data. VPN services are also to be considered, as they can provide a safe internet connection through the use of private servers.

All data traveling between your device and the VPN server are encrypted safely.

Keep the operating system updated and applications updated

It is vital to always perform updates to make sure you have the latest available version of the operating system, programs and applications for your device. In fact, the new updates usually include the latest recent corrections at the safety level.

Avoid connection to public wi-fi networks

These types of connections are not protected and represent a very high risk for data, as they easily compromise. It is therefore important to deactivate the “automatic connection” functionality on your mobile device.

Limit the download of reliable sources only

The installation of any type of program from third -party sources can represent a risk for privacy of the information of the device.

Don’t forget to backup

In case of violation of a mobile device, an attack of a malware that makes the data inaccessible, or simply in the event that a device is lost or stolen, The impact of data loss should be reduced to a minimum having access to the backup updated elsewhere. It is therefore important to make the backup of mobile devices automatic.

Activate remote access to data and their cancellation

The possibility of theft or loss of a device makes it important to have access tools to block it and even to delete the data contained in it. In this way, unwanted access to sensitive information is prevented.

Take precautions against mobile phishing

The Check Point Phishing Report brand highlights how cell phones are the favorite target of IT criminals. 23% of the attacks of this type in the first quarter of the year were directed precisely against smartphones. It is therefore necessary to avoid clicking on suspected links or files that could trigger malware download.

Navigate only on safe websites

When visiting a website from a mobile device, you must make sure this is protected by a SSL safety certificate (verifying the presence of the word HTTPS before the domain name), who encrypts the user’s data.

Conduct safety checks on mobile devices

It is important to periodically check the “state of health” of mobile devices To identify their vulnerabilities and flaws in safety that can represent a risk for the entire network.

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