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The 5 most requested works in 2023 (and the first is Tech)

Overseas trends speak of Great Resignation, that is, the mass resignation of a slice of the dissatisfied population of one's work. Italy, on the other hand, is in a different situation: The employed grow and, at the same time, the workers who cannot fit into the production circuits. The large oscillations of the economic activity recorded in these two years of pandemics, moreover, have led to the problems of manpower in different areas.

And a more or less forced turnover that has produced, for those looking for work today, numerous inclusion opportunities. So Jobtech did an ’ analysis on the 5 works that will be most requested in 2023.

The 5 most requested works in 2023

The first Italian agency for all digital work has analyzed the ads in administration in the world Retail, logistics, call center, of the Hospitality and of the#8217; I have.King.Ca. Discovering what are the five professions with more job opportunities in administration for 2022.

Picker (and Packer) for Dark Stores. Dark Stores are the stores that deal exclusively online shopping. They represent a huge growth phenomenon, ready to take thousands of employees throughout Italy. In fact, the creation of micro neighborhood distribution centers is envisaged.

In which they will only work Rider, "Picker" – people responsible for preparing orders – “Packer” (the warehouse workers) and Store Manager.

Logistics managers, increasingly focused on the final customer satisfaction. The manager of this field in a company will become a "customer satisfaction manager". Therefore: analysis and automation in the support centers of orders, planning of routes, confirmation of the customer's availability to receive the shipment.

All this requires formed, digital and expert staff.

Waiters. The pandemic has upset the sector, producing a drastic turnover of the workforce. This will involve, for 2022, a push to the hires of waiters, barmen, chefs and pizza chefs.

The opportunities will not be missing mainly for experienced professionals, who must however be guaranteed protections and rights.

Contact Center operators (remotely). One of the causes of the Great Resignation, The request is a better balance between life and work. The supporters of the Yolo Economy – You Only Live Once, you only live once – they will be able to count on the numerous remote opportunities offered by the world of call center.

Accounting (sustainability experts). Accounting is a sector that proved to be particularly attractive for workers looking in 2021: primarily women and those who seek remote working opportunities. In 2022 there will be opportunities especially for those who, in addition to these skills, will boast skills in sustainability.

The accountants will be increasingly strategic for the green approach of an ’.

Paolo Andreozzi's judgment

«Work in administration often represents the starting point, or restart, of the workforce – declares the founder of Jobtech -. And it is good news that for them the market offers numerous inclusion opportunities. Fill the MISMATCH between supply and demand will represent for 2022 the real challenge to be tackled to give push to the development of the country. In a historical moment of profound change, the work of the future must be hybrid (partly remote and partly in presence), digital and safe."

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