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2020: Technological trends of Nuance Communications

The decade that has just ended was one of the most important ever from the point of view of technology. From the global adoption of smartphones, to the diffusion and consolidation of artificial intelligence (IA) and machine learning in domestic everyday life and in companies around the world, up to ubiquity in the use of the cloud.

Nuance Communications has taken stock of the evolution and pervasiveness of technology in recent years to outline the main trends that will characterize the 2020 just started.

The affirmation of end-to-end learning techniques

The use of the learning E2E involves the exclusion of the intermediate levels of a neural network, speeding up the calculations. If on the one hand this acceleration will allow to exploit new opportunities thanks to faster elaborations, on the other it will lead to the loss of visibility of each level or phase of the process.

It will therefore be absolutely necessary to carefully monitor the results to avoid unexpected consequences. Thanks to the AI, new mathematical models will be invented. Which will allow you to understand more deeply the calculations that take place at the inside of the neural networks.

Partnerships are the new winning model

The ability to carry out everything without having a specific specialization is a new trend that is continuing to assert itself in the technological sector. Companies are constantly looking for new partnerships to make the most of the combined advantages of different technologies.

The historical tension among large companies with high financial availability, start-ups with extremely agile implementations, medium-sized companies with a long-standing brand and relationships with customers will be resolved in multiple advantageous collaborations for all parties involved.

Finally, the result will be a more fluid exchange of ideas, a revaluation of the IoT with combined functionality, new levels of integration and support of the infrastructure To offer an &#8217 experience;.

The data are the new software

It is now habit to view custom advertisements on web pages: some searches have shown that they have been particularly effective to optimize the customer experience and improve systems performance.

A greater number of collaborations, partnerships and open platforms will create new volumes of data in transit between different sectors. Similarly, the digital payment features enabled by the banks will be integrated into cars: this will allow you to avoid resorting to automatic doors in parking and motorway toll booths.

Furthermore, with biometric authentication it will be possible to pay bills through simple voice commands during daily movements.

The horizontal knowledge in terms of IA will be omnipresent

The new tools available will make the most accessible complex processing. And, starting from 2020, we will begin to attend the zeroing of the gap of knowledge in terms of the basic ia. Finally, instead of focusing on “ common knowledge problems ”, researchers will begin to focus on “ uncommon knowledge ”.

From the big horizontal problems to complex and in -depth specializations to pave the road to the next wave of innovation.

The conversations are simple, the design of the less conversational ia

The conversational interfaces will allow to support more in -depth conversations with humans, who will be able to return to use their voice to communicate freely without the use of keyboards and screens. At the basis of this, it will be necessary to have solutions with a greater ability to understand and foresee the intentions of the different users. Including sarcasm, promoting an increasingly widespread use of these solutions.

The words of Joe Petro, Cto, Nuance

“With the achievement of a condition of trust towards the IA and with the movement towards a cloud-phirst ecosystem, we are about to enter a new era in which companies of all sectors and the public administration will begin to impose borders More marked between ethics and the correct application of machine learning for problems resolution. We will begin to understand the limitations of technology by paying greater attention to safety. Which will become indispensable in the sectors in which user information is acquired and archived for customization purposes “ Joe Petro, Cto, Nuance said.

“It will therefore be necessary to provide for more and more investments and opportunities to seek innovative protection methods thanks to biometry and behavioral factors”.

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