Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Dropbox will finally support Macs with M1

The last Beta of Dropbox added the native support for Macs equipped with M1 processors. The addition was confirmed by a Dropbox community manager on the forum of the forum of the company, and it was possible to verify it through the last beta of the macOS app. For curious users it will be possible to try it in preview simply by going to the official Dropbox forum.

The service has always worked well on Apple M1 Mac through the use of the second level translator “ rosetta ” Apple. This allowed the Macos app, originally designed for the old Macs based on Intel, to work on computers with the new Apple M1 processors. Offering native M1 support should bring Dropbox to better performance and therefore also to consume less energy if used with Apple Silicon devices.

The translator “ Rosetta ” However, it turns out to be very fast, and therefore one might not notice a difference in the daily use by daily use of the user.

Dropbox was one of the latest high -level services to remain still without support for processors based on Apple’s Arm Architecture ARM architecture. In October there were some controversies after the posts of the company’s employees forum who suggested loudly to several customers who should have asked for an M1 native version, since the company was not yet interested in developing it. The protest that followed has pushed the Dropbox CEO to publicly announce the existence of an optimized version for M1 of the company app of the company that would arrive in the first half of 2022.

Obtaining native execution on the Apple Silicon means that the product can make the most of the M1 chip and its variants. Consequentially, The software will work faster consuming even less energy, resulting in a longer duration of the battery.

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