Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Live Tab, the new Amazon Fire TV function

Amazon presents Live Tab, or the new page in the navigation menu of the devices Fire TV, whether it is app or key. A functionality that allows customers to discover the app And the live TV content favor, quickly and quickly. Live Tab is already available in Italy on All devices Fire TV.

Live Tab, Amazon Fire TV’s new feature

The new Live Tab guarantees Fire TV customers anEven faster and intuitive experience, because it allows you to manage the live TV programs settings. With the possibility of accessing quickly to the subscription content and driving integrated channels, as well as find and download new apps and much more. Thanks to the Live Tab you can access content and direct apps by displaying them all on one page. The services currently integrated in the functionality are:

  • Raiplay
  • Pluto TV
  • Redbull TV
  • Twitch.

Other services will be added soon.

How the Live Tab of Fire Tv works?

The new Live Tab of Amazon Fire TV allows integrated service providers to offer customers a more intuitive and easy to discover navigation experience. With access to the live content organized for recent channels, live sports and according to the name of each service.

At that point, the users of Amazon’s TV stick easily and quickly access the integrated Fire TV channels. That allows you to Select your favorite channels and browse what is live together with the contents of other integrated services.

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