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Samsung and 8k TVs: the why of a revolution already in stores

But what is the point of buying an 8K TV? The question even asks Samsung, who is building the near future right on 8217;. And of course it does it to give yourself an answer, because the Samsung 8K binomial is the one who wants to change the TV market. Meanwhile, the first move is the agreement signed with Chili. The streaming service app will be pre -installed on new ultra -relief screens and will provide ad hoc content.

Meanwhile: let’s go back to the question. Here is the possible answer.

The 98 -inch Samsung Qled 8K model

Samsung 8k, the reason for a revolution

From the transition to a new era

Today the television market is located in a moment of technological transition that sees an increasingly significant movement towards large products. In this field, innovation on increasingly defined resolution is orienting consumers. At the same time, the demand for televisions connected to the network that enable video streaming services together with other smart functions is constantly growing.

Hence the growing collaboration between Samsung and Chili. Which flows into the first dedicated streaming service on Samsung TV. It is a collaboration that gives the exclusive possibility to the owners of Qled 8K to see some native content produced by Chili in a quality never seen.

The company from the introduction of the first model of the genre, has the development of software and content together with the brand Korean brand. And today it makes available in the best quality available on the market, videos that tell Italian and European artistic beauties, uncontaminated nature and the new spatial frontier.

The president of Samsung Italia Alex Lim, the head of the audio-video division Bruno Marnati and the CEO of Chili Giorgio Tacchia

A premium technology

8217; 8K is increasingly perceived as a premium technology and in this ’ optics the Korean brand is making continuous investments in development. And in the progressive improvement of its devices and in particular in the owner technology 8K to upscaling. Which allows the optimization of content to the 8K standard starting from any other native resolution thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm.

In addition to working to support the actual production of native content, as has been done with the creation of the series of documentaries “Unveiled” that tell a hidden Milan.

In short, Samsung continues more and more on the path of innovation. And in the first half of 2019 he counted 2 million QLED units sold globally with an expectation to reach 5 million units sold by the end of the year. Specifically of the 8K market, however, the demand for these televisions will be expected to be this year of about 215.000 units.

To date, most of the marketplace of televisions with technology includes Samsung products. Whose expectation is to maintain if not to increase your leadership thanks also to the global launch of the 55 -inch qled 8K TV model.

Because the 55 inches?

This starting cut seems like a particular choice. The 8217; 8K in fact starts with the idea of large screens to give the size of the Premium segment. The 55 inches instead already clashes with existing existing, namely the 4K HDR that begin right now to have usable content. Bruno Marnati, head of Samsung’s audio video division, however, explains that “ the meaning is to give the consumer the idea of a democratization of high quality.

The 8217; 8K obviously lives in a high price segment. But the existence of a cutting of the accessible entrance, will help the expansion of technology ”. That already today, as mentioned, however it enjoys the possibility of bringing lower resolutions to the maximum level.

Starting from the standard of transmissions not in HD.

And in any case Samsung wanted to show his great jewel, or the 98 -inch 8k version. A truly demanding screen that represents the maximum possible existing on the market. Challenging as a price (59.900 euros), but which explains how it is not only a TV.

But of an innovation that in addition to the consumer market may affect that business. to that of entertainment or to that of the social. In short, if the 8K already has a reason, this is the answer.

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