Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Windows 11: still problems, poor compatibility with corporate PCs

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Problems relating to the compatibility of Windows 11 With PC configurations.

Although Microsoft has changed its position, allowing anyone to manually install Windows 11 regardless of the CPU, an automatic update is possible only if three components of the computer – CPU, RAM and TPM – meet the necessary requirements to perform the update. In addition, future Windows 11 updates are not guaranteed if the system requirements are not met.

Now, according to the data of Lansweeper based on about 30 million Windows devices of 60.000 organizations reveal that on average only 44.4% of the workstations are suitable for receiving the automatic update, while the remaining no.

Specifically, only 44.4% of the CPUs of the tested workstations meet the system requirements for the update to Windows 11, while 55.6% no. And while most passed the RAM test (91%), only about half of the TPM of the tested workstations met the requirements, while over 19% it failed and 28% was not compatible with the TPM or not he had enabled.

For the workstations of virtual machines, the forecast is less optimistic. While the compatibility of the CPU is slightly higher than 44.9%, the research shows that only 66.4% have enough RAM. TPM side the news is not at all positive, only 0.23% of all virtual workstations have TPM 2.0 enabled.

This is not completely a surprise, the TPM has never been requested for Windows and while the TPM (VTPM) Passhrough exists to provide virtual machines with a TPM, it is rarely used. This means that most VM workstations must be changed to get an VTPM before you can perform the update to Windows 11.

This situation is not the most pleasant and could push many companies to have to change the configurations of the company PCs.

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