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Webidoo is made, the first experiential tech store

An experiential tech store: but what does it mean? In short, we explain to you so, a tech store precisely where to find devices and technological objects of the avant -garde with a consultancy and test service. Also thanks to the partner Grenke, The service that allows you to try and then – If you want – Buy products of innovation in installments.

Webidoo, the experiential tech store

Electric mobility, computer for creators, technological devices for fitness, gaming acessors. And even small and futuristic greenhouses for plants. This and more you can find from Webidoo, the Tech Store of an ’ Italian company specialized in promoting the Digital Transformation.

Is found in Via Amerigo Vespucci 12 in Milan, in the Porta Nuova area. And it is a design and very attractive shop that guides the customer in the innovation.

In short, it is an or space dedicated to innovation and technology where you can try technological products in certain cases never seen in Italy. Preview devices of small and large important innovation manufacturers of different sectors . The news of the store is that these products can Not only be purchased, but also rented on the Wedibo platform. And in this last case, if at a certain point you decide to buy what has been tried, the fees already paid are scaled by the price.

Webidoo Tech Store

Support services to companies

The sectors that offer the products in the Tech Store in Webidoo they have to:

  • gaming
  • Home Design
  • Kitchen
  • mobility
  • audio
  • Photography and video
  • sport&fitness
  • Wellness and health .

What is on sale remains on display for a certain period of time, so as to reap about the devices on sale every month and always have news. The store also has a corner dedicated to small and medium -sized enterprises, in which consultancy can be found to have all the answers on any purchases. And especially With the possibility of perishing and purchasing innovative digital lunions ranging from services of Digital Marketing to the new Fintech frontiers.

Up to digital payments thanks to the blockchain.

A model coming from Overseas

That of the Experie Nce Store is an already affirmed business model and arrives in Italy for the first time starting from Milan. In short a promotion hub for innovation, in which events dedicated to training on Digital themes. As well as meetings on the new technological and social perspectives for consumers and businesses.

For information: [email   protected] . Tel. 028295161
Opening time: Tuesday-Sunday from 11 to 20.

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