Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Metaverse: Zuckerberg reveals the visor of the destination

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Meta and Co-founder of Facebook, reveals the viewer for the metvers. He spoke of the new device, revealing some details. It was already talking in the autumn of 2021 of the invention of a device that could offer alternative, virtual fun, which combined the world duo, the real one with the virtual one.

The device is not yet finished, but it should be finished by the end of 2022.

The Metaverse project

Project Cambria It is equipped with a functionality called Passthrough, This allows the passage of vision from the virtual world to the real one. The peculiarity that differentiates it from the competition such as: Microsoft Hololens 2 and the Magic Leap 2, is the innovative optimization and resolution of the product. Project Cambria is a visor with more classic features, similar to the current Oculus Quest 2. Project Cambria is not the only one to use technology Passthrough, but it would be the first to make it available to a high resolution.

This should allow the wearer to move more ease in the real world: according to Zuckerberg, Cambria will provide “high resolution color videos” to “make the more realistic and useful experience”. The application that is used as a demonstration is called “The World Beyond”. It is a digital platform that makes a writing of codes and artificial intelligence, so as to optimize and simplify the two worlds in 3D. The company has declared that the product could be useful not only for personal but also professional purposes, for example in the#8217;.

Furthermore Zuckerberg mentioned that Project Cambria it could also be used for fitness and for virtually extend the monitor of a computer.

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