Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

OnePlus Watch has been revealed!

In collaboration with Unboxtherapy, a first glance was officially presented to the new OnePlus Watch, now on the mouth of many users for some time thanks to the many rumors circulated online.

The wearable exists and has a design compliant with what is rough: the central body will have a round and non -quadrangular shape like other products of the same range. However, the similarities are not lacking with some other exponent, above all Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, also confirmed on the official forum that the device will not adopt the Wearos operating system (this too a solution that had risen), but will be based on RTOS. The main motivation would be linked to the battery, since RTOS will allow to guarantee a more long -lived autonomy at the wearable.

According to the latest rumors made known by the leakers, OnePlus Watch sortarĂ  also equipped with a speaker that will allow users to make calls. The similarities to the smartphones, however, do not limit them to this, there should also be a 4GB memory internally. This could therefore suggest the possibility to customize your wearable at a multimedia level without necessarily resorting to the smartphone as an external appliance. On the fitness management front, the device should also contain the typical characteristics of these products, such as the possibility of monitoring the heartbeat and the measurement of the level of oxygen in the blood,

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