Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Android Marshmallow for Officer OnePlus X: Oxygenos 3 arrives today.1.2

Important news for all owners of OnePlus X, ready to toast to the official release of Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. Expected, postponed and packaged first – At least until the late morning today – In the form of a community build (the new development branch of the Oxygenos interface). OnePlus He therefore decides to give an important turning point to the delicate issue software updates, starting without too much delay the release maneuvers of the sixth release of the green robot.

This time extended to everyone and, therefore, exposed from the preparatory phase of beta test.

The release of Android Marshmallow for OnePlus X has started for a few hours and will be revealed by Oxygenos 3.1.2, Incidentally, the last update of the owner graphic interface that condenses various improvements and news. Shenzhen’s company has lost time to rattle off, point by point, the key elements of the AGCognato Update, which also includes the release of the Android security patches related to October, As confirmed by the official Chananog reported below:

  • Updates to the launcher
    • New icon pack
    • Perosnalization of the Google search bar
    • New Design of Wallpaper Picker
    • Long Press to remove or reposition the elements
    • New permits on the apps (natives of Android)
    • New settings for the notification slider
    • OnePlus Music Player
    • OnePlus Gallery

    The release of Android Marshmallow for OnePlus X It will be gradually, then it might want even a few days before he can touch with his hand (or via OTA, it would be appropriate to say) the salient news related to the new and Last important system update. Yes, because with Marshmallow the OnePlus X software support: it remarked on it by no means of the OnePlus team during the course of yesterday’s day, pointing the finger on the finger on the finger on the course of the day;incompatibility with graphic drivers included in the internal Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and 801 processors. Android Nougat 7.0 A mirage will therefore remain – At least officially, since there will be no Roma ad-hoc – In addition to the exclusive prerogative of the Top of the Gamma Oneplus 3.

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