Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Cyanogen 12 for OnePlus One, link to the OTA file available

After a few delay, Cyanogen has finally started to release the long-awaited updating on a Cyanogen 12 base-Lollipop for One Plus One devices.

Cyanogen 12, based on Android 5.0, will be released to all devices OnePlus One, Including devices sold in India, where c ’ it was a bit ‘ of confusion due to the conflict between Cyanogen and OnePlus – This is what revealed on a blog post Cyanogen l ’ update will be released very soon.

Cyanogen 12 Material Design and new characteristics of Lollipop, as well as new and original features, including the renewed thematization function and the new boxer-email base. In terms of thematization, the largest is the addition of individual themed applications with Themer Apps. The new email application, on the other hand, offers premium level features, including Exchange, Multi Account support, default responses, and many customization options.

Cyanogen 12 It will be released via OTA for all OnePlus One in the next few hours/days, but for the impatient we leave you to links for the download and the manual installation, remembering that to update you need to have the most recent version of Cyanogen 11 (11S 05q).

Download CyanogenMod 12 for OnePlus One

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