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Ansty: video calls with psychologists, psychotherapists and professional coachs

To solve an emotional problem, it is essential to find the right specialist. Here because Ansty , App for emotional support services, offers help suitable for the needs of each user: video calls with payment per minute and without obligation to start a structured path. Therefore, the application aims to bring people closer to the care of their mental health through an easy, immediate and innovative tool.

Let’s find out all the features of Ansty.

Ansty: video calls with psychologists, psychotherapists and professional coachs

Antsy, in addition to the real -time service, offers the possibility to book an appointment and/or structure a path by choosing between Psychologists, psychotherapists and professional coaches . Each customer will thus be able to choose between a wide range of professionals to build the most suitable solution to his needs. Among the strengths of this innovative service there is certainly the coaching course, which is divided into three areas:

  • sport;
  • business
  • Life.

Ansty was born from the assumption that psychology and coaching are no longer a remedy during critical periods, but a indispensable support for daily balance . The video call can help to change the point of view, to ask new questions, to expand its personal map and can make the value of the aid understand.

Future projects of Antsy

According to the World Health Organization, about 9 out of 10 Italians suffer from stress, out of about 37 million people. Antsy is aimed at them, estimating to reach an age target ranging from 18 to 55 years. In addition, she estimates to obtain 1.1 million turnover in her first year of life, to reach 12.7 in the fourth, with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 143%.

The startup has carried out a collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan in 2022 and has an ambitious expansion plan. It provides to launch a capital increase, through equity crowdfunding, collecting resources to accelerate business growth. Its focus is Italy, in particular in the South and in Puglia, territories more remained to the request for help.

Furthermore, with coaching, Antsy wants to bring men closer to themselves: about 80% of the people who ask for help, at the moment, is a woman.

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