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School books, here’s how to buy them comfortably on Amazon

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Buy on Amazon over time has become a very common practice also in Italy and then why not take advantage of the new System set up by the online store par excellence e Buy school books from home comfortably?

Instead of going around the various bookstores and staying behind the orders and various retreats, Amazon has created a very simple and functional system that we would like to share with you and that will allow you to make the purchases of all the school books of your children without anxieties and without stress.

Follow the guide to the purchase of school books on Amazon

By connecting to the page created specifically by Amazon for our purpose and where you can find any school text, we will guide you at a smart purchase. Once the page is opened, you can click on the orange banner “ your school books ” which will immediately show a geographical map of the#8217; Italy with all the clickable regions (the same regions may, for those who prefer it, be Also click from the column on the left of the page, where they appear listed in alphabetical order).

School books map

Map of the Italian regions

School books locality

List of locations belonging to Rome and its province

Selected the location, you will have access to the panel regarding the order and degree of studies (elementary schools, middle schools, high schools). Make your choice.

School books category

The three school categories

School books List Higher Institutes

List of Higher Institutes of the Province of Rome – 00100

Now is the time to select the class and the section of belonging of your child among those shown on the video, which obviously exhaust the entire school composition of the institute by you chosen.

School books selected institute

Selected Institute: “ G.De Sanctis ” SCIENTIFIC

Et voilà, the game is done. Now you will face the list of all books, divided by subject, to be purchased for the current school year. Know that the tool will signal the books that are valid for many years (sometimes the same text contains the program of study of two or more school years, instead of only one), and therefore you will not have to buy in the event that you already have them, through the affixing of a special wording at the end of all other information relating to the product:

  • Adopted, to be purchased – In the event that the text is to be purchased as new entries for the current year and therefore not inherited from past years.
  • Adopted, already in use – In the event that the text has already been used in previous years and is still valid also for the current year, therefore not to be purchased.

But it doesn’t end there. On the Amazon page it is also possible to find various suggestions on in -depth texts relating to individual subjects, or on the dictionaries recommended or officially established for the study path by the teachers of the reference institution.

Another thing to keep in mind: by purchasing the books on Amazon you will be entitled to a voucher € 5 discount to spend for other purchases on the same platform. It is a promotion in place since 4 July and valid up at 11:59 pm on 31 August (2019), except in advance of exhaustion of the products available.

To take advantage of it, it is necessary to place a single order to the interior of which at least one textbook among those present in the selected circuit (www.adoptions.IT) or on Amazon school books, and other articles – For a value of not less than 20 euros – that do not fall into the category of generic books, ebooks and Kindle Stores, MP3s, various applications or other digital content. The chosen products must be sold and shipped by “ Amazon EU S.to.r.L.”.

Return to school

Return to school

With “ Return to school ” We refer to the Amazon page dedicated specifically to all school products that those who are about to start a new year can be interested in buying such as cases, notebooks, backpacks, diaries, and any type of accessory related to them.

A click for school

With “ a click for the school ” Instead, we refer to an ’ initiative, always conceived by the giant of the e-commerce, aimed at giving schools a percentage of the proceeds from the purchases made by users who want to participate. These must obviously have to designate a school as a choice as a choice as a choice and, every time they make a purchase on Amazon, the company will donate in favor of the same – in the form of virtual credit – a percentage of 2.5% of the amount of expenditure. The school can be chosen from those who have joined the initiative in question and, once a credit of a certain relevance is obtained, will be entitled to receive the gifts of your interest free of charge chosen from those available at the same time large catalog of over 1000 different products designed to meet the needs of students and teachers.

Among them we find stationery items, sporting goods, musical instruments, electronic equipment, games, accessories of various utility, furnishing accessories and much more.

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