Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Legion Phone Duel of Lenovo available in Italy

Following the global launch of Legion Phone Duel last July, Lenovo announced that the device is available in pre-order on the official website of the company;.

Legion Phone Duel

Lenovo’s gaming smartphone

Legion Phone Duel Di Lenovo is a revolutionary gaming smartphone that presents in its architecture a series of innovative features, such as the double battery and a double liquid cooling system. The device integrates a horizontal chamber pop-up, prepared for the livestream, which makes gaming experience even more engaging.

Designed specifically for the gamers, Legion Phone Duel is a powerful, immersive smartphone, with the quick charging function and 5G sub-6 For better coverage and connection speed up to 2.52 GB/s. The smartphone is created specifically for those who play on the move, seek high performance and prefers the convenience of playing with the device contested horizontally.

This smartphone offers gamer the experience of complete use, with remarkable virtual tools, specific characteristics for the gaming experience and optimized battery management for a whole day with standard use. Legion Phone Duel also integrates a virtual joystick and double ultrasonic buttons, while double vibration engines provide a realistic response to the commands for an even deeper dive in the game.

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