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Tuttosubito, the e-commerce for the second hand market

Right away, The platform to sell and buy with over 13 million unique monthly users, Lancia Tuttosubito. Or the new e-commerce service that allows you to sell and buy totally online, at a distance and safe, with payments and shipments integrated on the platform. A service born from the numbers of the sector exploded in pandemics: 44% of Italian market Italians in 2020 he chose online precisely for the possibility of managing the entire purchase process from home.

Tuttosubito, the second -hand market at a distance and safe

The new service-commerce immediately for the second hand market has these characteristics:

  • Integrated chat in the app Seller and buyer can agree on the price, exchange information and manage the shipment directly from the chat integrated in the appropriate app. Accessible from the announcement via the “Buy” button, without sharing sensitive personal data.
  • Integrated payment Once the price has been established, the buyer pays through Tuttosubito. The payment against the seller is then made to keep the money until shipping received from the buyer. Thanks to purchasing protection, both those who sell and those who buy themselves protects themselves.
  • Integrated shipping Wherever the object is, the user must not worry about anything. Thanks to the partnership with leading companies in shipments, such as Poste Italiane, everywhere in Italy it is possible to book the withdrawal of the home package. Or go to an agreement with an agreement and receive delivery comfortably at home.
  • Purchasing protection The service is free for those who sell. While for those who buy the cost is 4% of the value of the object. In line with the market costs of this type of service, with a maximum roof of € 20.
  • Evaluation and review On immediately it is possible to customize your profile with additional information. As well as evaluating buyer and seller with which he interacted and leave a review to comment, useful to reward reliable users.

An expansion of the offer

Tuttosubito does not replace the previous use model, namely hand exchange. But he joins him, expanding the possibilities of sale. Tuttosubito is currently available throughout the Market category immediately: electronics, musical instruments, music and films, books and magazines, garden and do -it -yourself, collecting, sports and hobbies, all for children, clothing and accessories, furniture, bicycles.

As well as Car and motorcycle accessories.

To tell the new service, an ad hoc page has been created that explains everything in a few simple steps. You can access this link.

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