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Pharmakom: thanks to the AI it is possible to buy drugs also from FB Messenger

In the post Covid era, the pharmacy must be increasingly multichannel and at the reach of a citizen. For this reason, the pharmacies that rely on Farmakom offer their customers an extra service: the possibility of ordering and purchasing directly from the popular messaging app.

Here’s how pharmacies with pharmakom change

Offer a multi -channel pharmacy, increasingly digital and strictly connected with the needs of the citizen. This is the goal of the new solution offered by Farmakom, a platform that operates in Italy in the creation of e-stories for pharmacies and parapharmacies, which has created a system to allow Italian pharmacies to receive orders directly from FB Messenger, Using Lifedata technology. Reality specializing in Omnichannel Management which offers solutions “ turnkey ” Based on the artificial intelligence no code.

Which enable the management of services and distance sales.

The artificial intelligence at the service of the pharmacist

Farmakom, thanks to Lifedata technology, offers ready -to -use IA solutions; which, thanks to the integration between digital and physical channels, allow you to effectively manage the relationship with the customer. And to sell drugs and parapharmacies thanks to new tools without employing staff. The process, in fact, is fully automated and the orders are received directly in the warehouse, without having to go to the employees.

Thanks to the intervention of Lifedata, anyone who accesses online pharmacies managed by Farmakom can Order products also via Facebook Messenger. Speeding up the order process and without having to go to the physical store. Through the Facebook Messenger instant messaging channel you can also be informed about the products in reabsorption, receive information on active discounts on the products searched or remain updated on the state of your order.

Once the order is completed, you can move to withdraw it in the pharmacy or make it delivered comfortably at home (even in less than 24 hours).

‚ÄúThis solution is perfect for all those pharmacies or parapharmacies that still do not have a digital store, but which still want to offer their customers the opportunity to order directly from smartphones.” – The three founders of Farmakom, Andrea Mangilli, Massimiliano Misseri and Alberto Trussardi explain.

The advantages

Thanks to Facebook Messenger integrated with the pharmacy, each customer will be able to search in the catalog and find the desired drugs. As if it were in the physical store. Thanks to real -time synchronization with management and warehouse that guarantees always updated availability.

The customer can easily order drugs on Facebook Messenger, and then buy them directly by credit card or collect them in the pharmacy.

“ it is a new fully automated sales mode.” – The founders of Farmakom &#8211 continue; “ all orders that customers will carry out through Facebook Messenger will automatically appear in the back office of the pharmacy, and can be managed as any other web order. Including their evasion and shipping. In short, in the post Covid era where you have to be increasingly connected and at the service of the citizen, from now it is also possible to buy through the Facebook app. Among the most famous messaging applications all over the world.”

“ we are happy to have participated in the realization of this pharmakom project. Which gives pharmacists the opportunity to offer their customers a new digital channel to place orders. Also avoiding unnecessary assemblies in the shop, in this delicate historical moment.” – adds Omar Fogliadini, managing partner of Lifedata – “ today’s consumer expects immediate answers and, if he gets them from the site or from the e-commerce, is more led to buy.

The artificial intelligence of Lifedata integrates on the software already in use. Preventing dispersion, reducing clicks and offering consumers increasingly faster and more efficient.”

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