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The Wearable device that guarantees factory safety

We have already talked about electric80, Viano multinational (Reggio Emilia) Specialized in intro -be tailor -made interlogistic solutions for manufacturers of consumer goods. The news is now that she launches A wearable device which further increases the level of safety at the inside of the factory and distribution centers.

The Wearable device that guarantees work safety

Safety for Elettric80 is closely linked to its way of designing, installing and maintaining its systems all over the world over time with an increasingly sustainable perspective. For this, it has always been engaged in the training of staff and in the research and development of intelligent systems that increase the safety levels within the plants. Satisfying and overcoming the international standards established by the regulations in force.

The handling systems They are Automated Guide Vehicles (automatic driving vehicles) and Laser Guide Vehicles (laser driving vehicles). And ensure the maximum integration and efficiency of intlogistic operations within the factories. Moving products and raw materials in a large area where operators and manual driving vehicles can also pass through.

International safety regulations they provide that automatic driving vehicles are equipped with detection devices of people and objects, alarm and protections systems. And an. A, ssicuriando the continuous and remote supervision of the entire intilogistic solution and ensuring the total traceability of the operations.

Now, for safety, here is the Wearable device.

The anti -collision device

Electric80 recently developed and patented all over the world An ancient device that uses ultralarga band technology in an innovative way. By increasing the AGV/LGV ability to detect manuals and vehicles in motion in movement in the surrounding area. AND reducing and often eliminating the risks related to potential dangerous situations deriving from incorrect or unpredictable behaviors.

Each vehicle is in fact equipped with antennas that communicate in real time with the identification tags worn by the operators and positioned on manual driving vehicles. The system allows each AGV/LGV to detect tags to draw position, speed, direction of movement. The vehicle is therefore able to evaluate whether there may be a potential collision with the moving body. And, consequently, slow down until you stop or, if the situation is safe, continuing on your path.

At the same time, Wearable provides feedback at operator in the form of vibration, intermittent light or sound, to warn it of a possible danger in approach.

Maximum safety

The device is only the last ring of an integrated security approach that permeates the phases, From design to production to installation, of all electric80 solutions. Within which the continuous process of training of the skills of operational staff in the intra -ogistic environment represents a fundamental component of the constant support guaranteed to the customer.

The system made by electric80 Thus enhances a technology as widespread as versatile as UWB networks. To enable increasingly refined robotic behavioral patterns, in managing events that are not conforming to the rules and unexpected events. With this innovation developed by the Research Department & Internal development, the company confirms its commitment to customers.

To provide solutions capable of guaranteeing the utmost reliability and efficiency of the systems, increasingly safe, looking at a sustainable and regenerative future.

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