Wed. May 29th, 2024

Summer aspiration silent with the Electrolux Cordless Cleaner 600 vacuum cleaner

Electrolux He presented a new wireless and bag -free vacuum cleaner that guarantees a twice silent aspiration: we are talking about the vacuum cleaner; Cordless Cleaner 600 , Available in three models, ideal for satisfying every need:

  • Clean 600 ES62CB25DH;
  • Hygienic 600 ES62HB25SH;
  • Clean 600 Green ES62B25GRN.

The latter model, Clean 600 Green, was designed without neglecting attention to the environment. In fact, it is produced with the 47% of recycled plastic , For a sustainable and respectful cleaning of the planet. So let’s find out the new Electrolux Cordless Cleaner 600 vacuum cleaness.

The new Electrolux Cordless Cleaner 600 vacuum cleaner

As a aforementioned, the new Electrolux vacuum cleaner models guarantee twice more silent aspiration. This is possible thanks to the innovative low noise engine that minimizes the disorder, facilitating domestic cleaning. In addition, they boast a long duration thanks to the new and powerful batteries with one autonomy up to 55 minutes with full charge.

Each rechargeable broom is also equipped with a 5 -stage filtering system . This prevents emission in the air up to 99.9% of the dust particles from the exhaust for vacuum cleaner, for greater healthiness of domestic environments.

The effectiveness is also enhanced in terms of performance. In fact, all devices are equipped with a new one Multi-surface powerpro brush , optimal on all surfaces. And once the use of the vacuum cleaner is finished, it will be possible to relocate it to the Roll Out Roll Out charging base . This uses the automatic hooking and release system that eliminates the need to lift the vacuum cleaner every time to store it or take it again.

In addition, the Hygienic 600 version is equipped with the brush Bedpropower which, thanks to the combined action with rubber strips, acts deeply. In fact, it manages to remove all types of particles from beds, sofas and upholstery.

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