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Switch to Ho. Mobile with all clear offer

The success of Ho continues. mobile who is acquiring numerous users showing himself a strong competitor with the new proposal All clear. An offer that offer that unlimited minutes and SMS and a good dose of GB that make the brand one of the most active on the MVNO market.

Tornado to the specifications of the offer All clear, we reiterate that it has Unlimited minutes and SMS and 50 GB of data traffic in 4G Basic (download up to a maximum of 30 Mbps) at the monthly cost of 9.99 €.
The offer also includes a series of free active services, which usually, for other operators, have a cost:

  • Sms I have. called
  • 42121 for residual credit
  • Call notice
  • Hotspot navigation
  • Call transfer
  • App for the management of the offer

In addition, the automatic blocking of paid digital services is provided such as horoscopes, ringtones, bank SMS or paid numbers such as 199, 144, 166 and 899. All this is offered to just 9.99 euros per month. Here are all the details of I have.

All clear.

All clear. of Ho. Mobile

Basic rate I have. All clear. (per month) € 9.99 € 9.99
Total average monthly € 9.99
Activation free
SIM cost € 9.99
Total cost one -off € 9.99
Notes: no extra cost and no constraints. In the European Union you can use without additional costs all minutes and sms of the offer, as well as 2 GB of data traffic. 4G connection limited to 30 Mbps.
Other costs
Service recalls Included
Credit check Free

The cost of activation is free with an initial expenditure of € 19.99 which foresee the cost of the SIMs (9.€ 99) and a first top -up for the first month of traffic. To get a SIM I have. mobile you can proceed both online, and receive it directly at home (in this eventuality the activation takes place through an in-app video call with a certified operator that identifies the customer and releases a qualified electronic signature), be by going to one of the 3000 authorized stores to the transaction. In this regard, we specify that the service does not have a specific official shop, but the qualified centers are still located widely throughout Italy and available through a map on the site:

In Europe users will be able to use all the minutes and SMS provided by the plan and 2 GB of data traffic. I have. allows you to navigate the network 4G LTE by Vodafone but the band is limited to 30 Mbps.

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