Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Android Auto introduces Dual SIM support


Android Auto It is an intelligent driving app that reproduces the essential apps on smartphones at the infotainment unit of your car. This allows you to reproduce music, access Google Maps, make and receive calls and much more without having to touch the phone. However, Android Auto has always had an important deficit relating to compatibility with dual sim phones, preventing users from selecting the SIM from which to call.

But finally, Google It seems to have put a piece to this big problem by enabling the support.

As noted by the User Reddit U/Abhi052091, L ’ Last update for the Android Auto app finally adds the support for i phones dual sim. With the new update, Android Auto that now shows a pop-up that allows users to choose from which SIM they want to make a call. Before this modification, Android Auto used the default SIM every time a call was started even if you had a phone with double card.

Android Auto now shows a dialog for selection of the SIM when connecting a phone with double Sim.

This change may not seem like a big problem for western user. However, Android Auto users in markets such as India, where Dual SIM phones are quite widespread, will be a really very welcome novelty.

As noted by the Reddit user, the double SIM support is implemented with the Android Auto app version 7.1.614554. To try it, just update Android Auto at the latest version from the Google Play Store. If the update is not active, it is still possible to find the updated apk;.

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