Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Microsoft and Valve together to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to Steam Deck

If you are among the lucky ones who have put their hands on Steam Deck, we have excellent news: Microsoft and Valve have announced the arrival of Xbox Cloud Gaming on the portable console.

The service is accessible through the Microsoft Edge browser and the company claims to have “ worked in close contact with Valve ” To bring Xbox Cloud Gaming on the system. It is interesting to note that Steam Deck works on Linux instead of Windows and Microsoft claims to be particularly enthusiastic as it could open new opportunities to the interior of the Linux ecosystem;.

On the Microsoft Edge Reddit page, a guide was also published to configure Xbox Cloud Gaming, which we invite you to follow by clicking on this link.

And always in that post we can read:

We are particularly enthusiastic about this ourselves since we believe that it can open new opportunities in the Linux games community. In addition, today you can still play a series of Xbox Game Studios titles in a native way on Steam Dek. Please check here for a list of verified games.

Our new supportive article explains how to install Edge Beta and configure Xbox Cloud Gaming, but know that this is only the start of the story for the games on EDGE.

Recall that on Windows 10 days it has become officially compatible with Steam deck.

The company has published a link to the drivers on the blog of Steam, as well as instructions on how to return to the operating system Steam deck If the players had to encounter problems or inconveniences with Microsoft’s OS by Microsoft.

While the drivers of Windows 10 They will allow users to start that operating system on their steam deck, their options are a bit ’ more limited at the moment. Currently, Steam deck is able to perform only an ’ complete installation of Windows 10 which will replace the Steam deck operating system, so no dual boot as initially announced. The new drivers should help work Windows 10 in a fairly fluid way on the deck, but at the moment there is no way of having both operating systems.

However, Valve mentioned in his post that Steam deck has functionality of the dual-boot operating system. The wizard for the dual-boot is not yet ready, but when it will arrive later, the players will finally have the opportunity to choose the systems.

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