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Cortana begins to help those who fall into depression or have been the victim of violence

In a particular historical moment for technology where the health of the user is at the center of the news coming with the release of each new smartphone, tablet or wearable device, capable of measuring the activity ends, rather than i cardiac beats, pressure bleeds and much more, has aroused a certain clamor the discovery, documented in our previous article, that the most advanced vocal assistants currently present on the market as Siri, Google Now or Cortana, Very useful if they ask them for directions, information on a specific actor, on the restaurant to which we would like to have dinner, they are unable to give concrete help in a serious moment of difficulty, Maybe because of the depression or after suffering violence, but now it seems that Microsoft first received the message, Going to change their own Cortana, who from today, starting from France, will be a further help for people in difficulty.

If in fact Siri and Google Now respond with little useful links to those who by interacting with them pronounce a phrase like “ I want to commit suicide ” Od again “ I have been raped ”, Microsoft’s Cortana vowel assistant, in the version dedicated to France, will provide an emergency number capable of immediately helping the person in difficulty.

In France, Cortana is the only ia That Sends You Emergency Phone Number If You say "I was raped" https: // t.CO/CWMIPG6J5G

— t. Nigro (@thomasnigro) March 19, 2016

The hope is that, always remembering that true friends and relatives can never be replaced by a virtual assistant, this is only the first step and that Cortana soon suppresses this useful functionality also in the versions dedicated to all individual countries ; it is present but above all that Microsoft, Apple and Google updates their vocal assistants soon, trying to give concrete help to those who are in difficulty, will seek help through these technological tools, which are always at our side for better or for worse.

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